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 Roleplay? What the Jebus are you talking about?

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Roleplay? What the Jebus are you talking about? Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay? What the Jebus are you talking about?   Roleplay? What the Jebus are you talking about? Icon_minitimeFri Aug 27, 2010 1:15 pm

OK, I understand that not all of you will understand what the purpose of this forum is. That's fine, I'm here to help.

A Roleplay is not something that should just be confined to the bedroom! It can literally be anything that you imagine. Basically, a member creates a Roleplay thread with It's own title etc. and sets a few things out. In the topic description, the Creator will put whether or not the Roleplay is Dungeons & Dragons based or No Restraints based. More on that later.

First, they have to set the scene. This can be anything from an entire page to just a few lines that tell the other members what is happening or what has happened at the time of the Roleplay. Remember, a Roleplay can be set anywhere, on any planet, in any city, in any era, on any day and at any time.

Then they have to set down the rules. The general rules are pretty basic, such as No Godlike powers or nothing that can give another member an unfair advantage. However, you may have more rules that fit your Roleplay better.

Then the creator would set out a blank character sheet, which they can make themselves, and then they usually put an Example underneath, which is generally their own Character.

Then, members post little paragraphs that their Character is doing. So It's like writing a story, but with many people, and you all write different parts like a big jigsaw puzzle.

Now, there are two types of Roleplay. There's your Dungeons & Dragons type and there's your No Restraints type.

No Restraints:
One last word on Roleplays. Please don't post after you've just posted. Wait for someone else to post after you. And don't make millions of Roleplays please. Just join other member's ones instead of making loads of your own.

Enjoy Roleplaying!

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Roleplay? What the Jebus are you talking about? CaoCaoRoleplay? What the Jebus are you talking about? SunJianRoleplay? What the Jebus are you talking about? LiuBei
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Roleplay? What the Jebus are you talking about?
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